Friends in Paris

Salon De Chavel

We are pleased to present our Fabulous *LA Karat foals!

Karzim MVA
(LA Karat x Zimfinity By Shah Azim)
2011 Colt
Photography by Javan

Karmaal MVA
(LA Karat x PS Dream Weaver By Dream Quest)
2011 Filly
Photography by Javan

Enjoying their pasture, summer 2011.

Jack and youngest Granddaughter Amelia

The crowd at this year's party

Bagpipers at this year's party

White Horses
Our favorite painting

Garage Mahal

Garage Mahal
Cowboy Jack Fairchild & the Hansens

Garage Mahal
Kent and Debra Bridges

Majji and Jack

Majji and Jack

Travis and Jack after Majji's yearling colt AOTH Class

Scottsdale 2010
Travis and Jack at Scottsdale 2011

David Ross and Jack
David Ross and Jack

Jack and Mysia

Jack & Mysia
Jack and Mysia

Guinness winning at the 40th annual Thanksgiving Arabian Horse Show 2010

Jack trying to keep up with Camilla bint Khan at Scottsdale 2010

Jack showing Camilla bint Khan at Scottsdale 2010

Guinness in the ring at Canadian Nationals 2009

Jack & Gary McDonald at our annual Garage Mahal party

Nick & Francie enjoying the Party

The boys from Alaska arrive

Jamaal Khan strutting his stuff.

Hunting is a tradition in Montana

Garage Mahal Party warming up

Ed Mueller, Ron Weidner & Dorothy Mortenson

Peter from Slovakia, Yogi from India, Davis from Texas & Jim from Wisconsin

Cindy and Matt dancing the night away

Trade Winds, the best band in the country

The girls have been playing & singing since they were very young-They are GREAT!!!